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Welcome to the GazTek Website !
This is my home page which hosts a number of my projects. I have created a HTTP server (ghttpd), an OS known as GazOS. In addiion, there is my OS Development site and my x86 Assembler. If you are looking into creating you own OS then my OSDev site is the place to start! There are a few other projects on here that I have put in for people to learn from; Rowner Strike is a C&C type game which I started but never got around to finishing and drdevil/ircd is my modification of ircd to give opers almost limitless power. To navigate the site use the navigation bar on the left. Below is the list of news items about this site and the updates made etc.
2006-08-20   Update
Welcome to my web site. I no-longer have much time to maintain it but hopefully you'll find the stuff of some use. To see what I'm working on now please visit my academic web page at http://www.tech.port.ac.uk/~oweng.

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