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DrDevil/ircd is a modified version of ircd by me. The main improvements are that opers have the following new powers:

Invite onlys/bans/keys/etc have no effect on IRC opers
IRC Opers cannot be kicked/de-opped from any channel
IRC Opers have ChanOp status at all times, but do not have the @ sign

The IRC Opers can do all the normal channel operator stuff without being opped, they can also join any channel regardless of the mode. And they cannot be kicked/de-opped. NOTE: IRC Opers cannot op themselves :-), but, they do not need to :-). Also, you will need to make sure that all the servers on your net are running drdevil/ircd because otherwise channels get desynced across the network.
Download the latest version
I hope this is of use to you. If you have any questions then please email me by clicking "Contact Me" on the navigation bar!
Copyright© 1999 by Gareth Owen.
All rights reserved.