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GASM is released under the GNU General Public License

What is GASM?

GASM is an x86 assembler capable of assembling 16bit and 32bit code. It comes with several examples of using the direct support for Protected Mode programming.

Why use GASM?

GASM is a very reliable, fast and stable assembler. It is NASM compatable, and will compile most of the programs the assemble on NASM. If you want to do Protected Mode programming, either a plain DOS program, or your own OS, then GASM is the choice for you. Protected Mode programming is relatively painless providing support for commonly used structutes such as the TSS, GDT, IDT and the LDT.
You can create a program with one line of code with GASM because it doesn't require all those PUBLIC, SEGMENT statements, etc.

Where do I get GASM?

You can download GASM as three versions, the DOS version and the Linux version.
Click on the link to download the version you want, you may need to hold down shift and click the link.
DOS Version
Linux Version
Source Code

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