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GazOS is my OS project. I started it after I had learn't assembly because I wanted to have the feeling of my computer running entirely on my own code. I have recently decided to release the source code for my OS, to help others learn, please note it is released under the GPL and I would also appreciate it if you shared any modificiations with me.
If you want to help on GazOS, make the modificiatons to the source code and send them to me please, you will be credited then if your code is included in a release. I am not compiling a development team.
Project Status: 29th June 1999
I have discontinued this project due to lack of time, Kurt Maxwell Weber is continuing this project on his web page here, however this page will remain the official web page for the project and the 'original' version of GazOS will remain here, although it will not be updated. So for any newer versions see Kurt's page, for the original see here :). As of writing(7-10-2001) Kurt has made some modifications to the filesystem code to include date/time stamping of files and is currently working on an API for executables. Thank you Kurt.
The whole project is written in C, apart from the bootloader and a few other various things.

Protected mode initialization
8259 PIC handling routines
Video driver
Keyboard Driver
8254 Timer driver
Floppy driver
GazFS support
CPU Speed detection and memory counter

Things that need doing next
Memory management
Tasking management
Make sure programs load from command prompt and can be multitasked
Graphical User Interface


If you are not contributing to GazOS and you do not want to learn from the source then please download the binary because it is quite difficult to produce the binary from the source, although I make an attempt in the source code distribution. To run the binary version, download it, unzip it somewhere and rawrite the image to a floppy disk, then reboot with the floppy in the drive.

GazOS Source code (.tar.gz format)
GazOS Binary (zip format)

If you have questions/comments about GazOS then please feel free to email me by clicking "Contact Me" on the navigation bar.
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All rights reserved.