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ghttpd is released under the GNU General Public License

Current version: 1.4-4
ghttpd is a fast and efficient HTTP server that has CGI support. ghttpd has a small memory inprint and is capable of handling thousands of simultanious connections. It is ideal for large and small websites. It is very simple to configure with only a few options to change if changing is needed at all. You can have ghttpd up and running within two minutes easily because of its very simple configuration file and installation routine. ghttpd will run on the majority of UNIX systems. ghttpd even has support for virtual hosts and inetd.

My greatest thanks to M. Pratt, H. Blanchard, M. Pompl and Sarrazola, all of whom have sent in bug fixes and kept the project going.
New to version 1.4-4
inetd support.
Virtual Host support
Many bug fixes.
Speed increased for a few functions.
Syslogd logging added.
ghttpd runs as user nobody.

Download ghttpd 1.4-4 here
If you have problems with ghttpd, wish to contribute code or make suggestions then please feel free to email me by clicking "Contact Me" on the navigation bar.
Copyright© 1999 by Gareth Owen.
All rights reserved.