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Welcome to my OS Development page, this site is for people looking into developing their own operating system. I would just like to give you a few guide lines for you to help you in your OS development before I present the actual resources. You should write you kernel in C, the compiler you should use is GCC and you should develop your OS under GNU/Linux. That is what I recommend because it will make your life a hell of a lot easier. You will need to find an ELF loader so that you can load you kernel etc. GazOS is my OS and it presents you with a perfect example of how to do this, although I now use my own ELF loader.
Boot process
This is the stage that is executed when you turn on your computer, in this section you will find a few bootsector tutorials, incluing one written by me to help you understand how the boot process works
Protected Mode
All modern OSes should be written for protected mode. Protected mode gives you many more advantages over real mode, such as you can access all memory and you have protection from programs overwritting each other. It does however have its disadvantages, you cannot access the BIOS. This means that you need to write all your own drivers etc, but this is good aswell because the BIOS drivers are SLOW!
In this section I will provide you with source code, documentation etc on how to write your own drivers so that you dont have to use the BIOS.
Here I will give you some source code, links and documentation to various kernels and information so that it helps you understand.
A few links to other places and things that you may need that have been lef out of the other sections

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